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When making a bathroom, not only important picking a beautiful tile, suitable mirror and corner shelves are the right size. One of the most important parts of the room – a bath where you can relax after a hard day's work. Today bath produced at least 11 different in material properties. We decided to consider its pros and cons.

Quaryl bath
Kwara – a new, modern material like liknari real estate with acrylic, but is more durable and scratch resistant. This bath is heavier than acrylic, but easier to iron. Among the shortcomings: high cost, deformation under the influence of very high temperatures.

acrylic tub
Acrylic has emerged not so long ago, but immediately became popular. They are light, beautiful and affordable. Can have a different design, but experts recommend staying at simple shapes. Having such baths, and a few disadvantages: acrylic can not withstand high temperatures, it can be deformed under the influence of boiling water, powder and strong detergents.

A cast iron bath
Cast iron is the most durable and long lasting of All materials used to make baths. This is just the case when the price justifies quality. Despite its high costs for such a bath will last a lot longer than acrylic, earthenware, wood or glass. In one of these, all three disadvantages asked. It is difficult, does not have a large amount of shapes, which are characterized by high cost.

wooden tub
Given the rapid development ekostilyaVVS designers just could not pass through a tree. It is very attractive, structured, environmentally friendly material. They make such a bath in moisture-resistant wood, so it will last a long time. The only thing fun is not cheap. In addition, wood absorbs odor and poorly cleaned from heavy impurities, so the wood is not recommended bath tub pets.

fajans bath
Teasers are usually used for the production of peel. It's crazy but beautiful material. Fajan's bath – the perfect solution for elegant bathing in a classic style. Treat her to be very careful, as it can break through the impact or strong pressure of water. Such a bathroom was easy to clean. From fajans create products with different shapes, colors and sizes.

glass bath
For the manufacture of the glass bath with fuse glass. They are quite bulky and are therefore suitable for spacious bathrooms. Looking baths of glass are very unusual and strong. They have only one disadvantage – the high cost.

ceramic bath
Ceramic bath aesthetically very attractive. It can be done in any of the different shapes and colors. There are allergy-friendly, environmentally friendly and antibacterial properties. It retains heat for a long time to get water. It has ceramic baths and some disadvantages: they are expensive, fragile and afraid of kinds of heavy objects.

brass tub
If you need a retro style bath, it's worth noting products made of brass. In recent years, this material is often used for decoration of bathrooms. It gives space a simple retro-chic. Bad brass has only one disadvantage: it is very expensive. It also put in spacious bathrooms. Hooking on, it is not necessary, relying on its own land.

copper bath
Sometimes the bathroom needs to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can forget about problems. This can be done in just 10 steps.