how to choose right sink for bathroom

How To Choose The Right Sink For Bathroom?

How to choose the right sink for the bathroom
Wash – this is not just a sink. No. Many people often doubt whether they have made the right choice. First of all, you have to decide for yourself where the bathroom needs it and who it will benefit. Then read our tips reveal all the pros and cons of the existing types of pools.

furniture sink

put in the sink

Perhaps this type of shell is used often. Overhead built-in or wash basin is made to make it easy to place on the table. Speak, most are under the counter, and can only be seen from the above zinc rim. These lists can be narrow or wide, all depends on the style. Advantages: Furniture washbasin can be embedded in a countertop made of any material, including wood and laminate. Since the actual tank is under the countertop and a sideboard of worktops, the risk of damage to the water surface is a minimum. Additionally, the installation of such a sink in the worktop is made of stone cheaper, as it does not require grinding edges as installationInstick sink. Cons: Do not wipe out any accidental spill of water on the counter in the sink, as they will interfere with the bumper islands.

This sink is completely below the surface of the countertop. Its bumper is completely hidden underneath it. Advantages: Wash invisible. Water and drops falling on the table can be brushed directly into the sink without soaking. Washbasin countertops with easier to clean cut. Nuts: Instant washbasin can only be installed in a worktop of durable materials, including stone, but not laminated, because the water will damage the surface. Installing such a pool is more expensive.

Wall mounted wash basin

Washbasin on pedestal

Semi-recessed washbasin

If the bathroom is not much space, I want to install even under the sink, then assemble the half flush sink. Advantages: Semi-flush sink installed in such a way that the bulk of it shoots up to 30 cm, makes it possible to set up for cabinets. In addition, it has the upper enough space for storing shampoos and other detergents and cosmetics. You can easily bend over the sink, do not rest in the cabinet. Convenient for installation in the bathroom, and small size in the children's bathroom. Cons: space under the sink is limited. Because there is no sink countertop, water can fall on the floor.

flat sink

The dish-shaped sink

The bowl-shaped shell is simply mounted on top of the table, but there are models that are slightly deeper. Benefits: Like no other, this sink is installed on top of the worktop and must look perfect, as it will be in focus in the bathroom. In that you can also collect enough water, if required. Cons: Because this is a fairly high sink, and is on top of the worktop, then get to it can only adults. Therefore, it is necessary to either install the cupboard with the countertop below or deny such a sink.

Two in one: a sink and a cupboard

In the shop you can buy a cupboard with a sink mounted in it. The cabinet can be made of any material. Advantages: Zinc is easy to clean. It looks stylish and modern and is suitable for a family bathroom. These sinks are sold in the same size, but you can make personal arrangements based on each individual request. Suitable for those who have some time for repair and they can buy a finished item in the store. Cons: Since the sink is recessed in the cabinet, there is little storage space, nor do it get up to put cosmetics.