how to choose the cornice

Here're some more methods that may help one in choosing the perfect, high quality decorative cornice for their place:

Cornice, of course, should fit the stileness inner shape of the window and curtains type, but first of all – a functional accessory. That is, its main purpose – to support curtains and provide all kinds of manipulation.

Roof lists and systems

Steel profile moldings, fitted plastic parts, it is possible to bend under all radii – they are light, so used for intricate arched windows, are odnopoloznymi or mnogopoloznymi. Krepjat profile rails in the ceiling or on the wall with brackets.

the advice

Profiled lists are appropriate in cases where you need to hang a light tulle or about the small distance between ceilings and windows, and even if you want to roof rack be unimaginable.

With regard to the consoles, they are different lengths – from 10 to 30 centimeters. This allows you to attach to the wall roofing profile with the desired departure. This curtain will not "fix" on the windowsill if he is highly favored. The length of the entire roof of this type – up to 6 meters. If you use link elements, the length can be any.

Profiled lists are equipped with mechanisms forzadŃ‘rgivaniya curtains, so you can leave for curtains and do not touch. They are easy to use – runners for curtains and tulle freely slide on the profile and multi-row roof feet make it possible to decorate the window curtains layered consisting of fabrics of different colors.

Profiled plastic strips with a filler for heavy curtains, as well as simple, direct boxes. These roof legs are applied decorative tiles under the tree structure, giving the roofing list a classic look.

metal rails

It is familiar to all roof lists with rounded guides. They can be made in gold, chrome. There are models for modern decor and classic.

Attach metal rails to the wall ceilings. Hardware fittings also – hooks and rings. Metal roofing panels, except for functional purposes, can also be perceived as a decoration, they are usually more expensive than the profile. The metal roof rack is suitable for tulle and curtains. For batches with lambrequiner he will not do.

Forged Cornishes

Such lists are usually made to order, they can give the room a special glamor. There are single, double and triple, with trumpets and with strings. The most important decorative element – forged tips. Management is essentially manual – with a cord or a pen pointer.

Cord you can open the curtain only the end motion to the bottom, but there are also models with electric power, equipped with a button or remote control. This design looks like the aluminum profile with a wagon driven by an electric motor.

round lists

This is a traditional type of artichoke. It is the most versatile, as it fits into the interior of any style. There are corners with a pipe, as well as two lines and three rows. The tubes in these corners are made of wood, metal or plastic. Each material has its own advantages. But the class is a wooden grain.

stringed instruments

These coils instead of pipe strings are used. The appearance is minimalist cornish and does not attract much attention. Structurally they are a special steel strings stretched between the brackets that attach to the ceiling or walls. The strings can be covered baguette. The biggest drawback – low loadability, ie for heavy curtains, this option is unacceptable.

taklister bagetnye

Baguette lists similar profile. In this embodiment all brackets are hidden behind a decorative belt, which is important for interior decoration. Sticks may be different: large or small, very complicated shapes and all colors. The profiles of roofing lists make single row, double row and three-row. In the first row, a strip of Velcro, wearing a coat, is often placed. When you buy a baguette the roof footer mainly pay attention to the color and shape of the band as a key factor in creating decorative compositions.

wooden lists

Wooden paws – a classic. Make them out of oak, pine, cherry, walnut and other woods. As for the shape, they are flat or circular with rings. Such roofing lists pick up the color of furniture or flooring, making the interior more harmonious and holistic.

The choice of roof list options

claw foot length includes the length of the rib and two tips. Before choosing the length first, determine the location of the roof list.
Under alternatives "wall to wall", the length of the roofing strip is 2-3 cm smaller than the wall-to-wall distance. Place the curtain rod not less than 3 consoles.

In an "above" brackets, the edges of the window opening put the curtains open and open the window completely. The total length of the roof rack in this case, you must take a 30-40 cm wider than the window opening.

Note that in both cases the distance fromVid the point-to-roof should be enough to install parentheses. If the distance is small, the console will not fit there. In this case, appropriate alternative – "partially above" when multiple brackets are placed below the level of the window, it flips.

When you choose, keep in mind that it's batteries, stir, shed width. After all, the curtains should hang freely from the roof legs. For this to be the optimal distance from the bar to the roof foot on the wall.

Now, how much to buy weapons. If the length of the roof foot is up to 2 meters, you can make two brackets. The optimum distance between the consoles of 1.5 – 2 meters. Then they safely keep curtain rod, and the rod did not fail under the weight of the curtains.

To calculate the size of the roof foot, determine the method of attachment and its position relative to the window, armed with a tape measure, measure and record the following parameters:

The distance between the side walls of the window.
The width of the window.
The minimum distance from the wall to the curtains.
The distance from the roof to the top edge of the window opening.
With this crib and go to the store.

Design Tips

When choosing a roof list, remember that it must match the decor.
For a room in classical style suitable framing roof rack. You can also use a round roof rack, especially a wooden model.
About the design of the room in a minimalist or high-tech style, buy a strict roofing list.
With Roman or Japanese curtains, aluminum profiles are good.
The room, with stone or wood, is best to use a fake roofing table, it is ideal for high style.
If the room is low, buy a roof list, then it will appear higher.
To visually enlarge the window by selecting a long roof list. If the curtains close a part of a wall, a window will appear bigger than it actually is.

For curtains with lambrequiner rooflist optimally fix the ceiling, so that he does not close the window. We have to take a triple footbone.
For a child's room is perfect – plastic moldings, because they come in all colors and organic combined with light furniture for children.