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Tips in choosing the right floor lamp shades
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How do you choose the right floor lamp for your house? Today we will give you some important tips

How to choose a lamp?

It seems that it may be easier – choose to buy a floor lamp, but this issue should be taken seriously. Where can I find a place for this fixture in the interior, and they need to know go to the store for them? We found out the main points and made their PM.

Floor lamps in the interior of the living room

Thus, the lamp is a floor mat with high foot stand (one or more), which is a lampshade. It is a versatile and mobile furniture, which has a place in all rooms, but the first is to decide on his appointment. We found that there are three types of floor lamps, and everyone has their own function.

Floor lamp with a reflective light

The light flow is directed up and down

Such a lamp light illumination and uniform. With the help of a comfortable ceiling height, if it is low. To do this, the light flow should be directed towards the ceiling (wall), he reflected lift the visual ceiling.

Floor lamp with diffused light

This lamp helps to relax

When you need to create a warm home-relaxing atmosphere, it's better to choose a floor lamp, which gently and evenly spreads the light. It is known that soft lighting contributes to a good rest and a psychological discharge. Such alternatives are ideal in a recreation area (living room, bedroom, children). With their help it is easy to create a subdued lighting. Particularly irreplaceable model in such rooms for newborns.

Perfect for children

Floor lamp with direct light

Floor lamp with direct light

This floor lamp for reading (knitting, work) in the dark. Most often the light flow is directed downwards. There are models that can change the path to the light. It is possible to give preference to such designs.

Floor lamp, as a separate unit

Floor lamp, as a separate unit

Floor lamp can often function as a single art object. He can decorate and fill the void in space, accents. In this case, it is better to give preference to a floor lamp with bright shades or original designs.

bright accents

Versatile choice for each interior

In the style of Provence

Floor lamps find application in any space. In the classic interior of suitable options on brass base with a conical textile screen. In it allowed a French, embroidery and pearls.

The glamorous or new baroque is recommended to use a model of crystal, glass and crystals. There are also not ruled out variants of tissue. The base of these luminaires is typically made of stainless steel. Most spectacular in the above interior looks silver and black models.

unusual lamp

Curved luminaires on a metal rack are ideal for spaces, decorated in high tech areas, loft, minimalism, as well as in Scandinavian style.

Curved floor lamp

Excellent appearance in the interior of the stand in the form of spotlights.

Lamp Trinoga

Light, chosen in the same style but different in height, looks very impressive in a modern interior.

floor lamp in the interior

Lamp in the interior

It is usually placed next to a chair, sofa, at the coffee table. The bedroom floor lamp often replaces the bedsides. In this case, good models equipped with shelves.

Zone division uses floor lamps

To make the interior a sense of order and symmetry, it is necessary to put two of the same lamp at the table, shelf, bed, sofa or fireplace.

How to choose a lampshade?

In addition, holistic necessary interior-style shades appeared in color on chairs, sofas, curtains, blankets and bedspreads. Although it may separate several tones. Universal options – lamp shades, made of gray, cream or white, compact or traditional shape. They are suitable for each interior.

Seeing holistic interior shades should be chosen in the color of chairs, sofas, curtains, blankets and bedspreads.

The designer from China believes that the floor lamp should not only be cozy and beautiful, but also soft, like a cloud.