how to disguise the air conditioner ideas

14 Creative Ways To Hide Your Air Conditioner

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, it was decided to brillianceAll new items of household appliances in the kitchen and living room, especially when these items separated more or less eye-catching design. Perhaps so done to prove the degree of income, or simply do not know how to properly hide technicians. Time passed, and along with him, he fell doubtful tradition during the summer, replaced by new ways to hide all equipment and make the interior more practical and functional.

Today it is difficult to surprise the flat monitor, which lies in the pocket or slide out of the chest, and large household appliances are easily integrated into a range of kitchen furniture. However, we will not talk about them, but about how unimaginable the introduction of air conditioning in the home environment.

How does the air conditioning part of the interior?

Hide the air conditioning system – one of the most acute problems in designing the home. Among the options, you can choose the most appropriate for your case acceptance.

The plasterboard constructions

Advantages of plasterboard constructional elements, among other things, is that in the case of a very comfortable and easy not only to hide wires, lights and weak spots, and air conditioning.

At the same time, it is possible to arrange multiple outputs directed to different areas of the room, through corrugated channels, deviating from the main part of the unit. This will condition the air with an even intensity throughout the room.

The air conditioner can be easily incorporated into the design of the ceiling plasterboard or a separate drawer in a certain part of the room.

Advice: To benefit from a well-functioning device must be done to accomplish something like a door or door, so if necessary you can clean obstacles, recurring air conditioning and channels.

Facades of furniture

When there is a need for the upright condition in a small room, where the account is kept for each square meter, the question of how to conceal the technical equipment there directly. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how to remove the air conditioner so that it not only takes up too much space but does not suppress the visual impression of the room.

Try the following effective reception: hide the air conditioning built into the façade of the wardrobe or closet near the ceiling. To do this, in the door you only need to mount the ventilation grille, which will not prevent the free flow of cold air flow

The kitchen fittings can be built not only appliances but also air conditioning, such as the fridge or the cabinet, pencil case.

It is known that hot air always rises, and cools down. Therefore, air conditioners must be installed in the upper part of the room.

In niches

Niche as a design element can serve as an end not only as an interesting design ideas and solutions decorative part of the interior, but also to accommodate in their cavity various topics and technical equipment including air conditioning. It can not be completely hidden, but definitely the buoy keep strictly reserved it a place for it.

Air in interior partitions

Useful information for those who install air conditioning in the room, combined with an adjacent bathroom wall. Using the already mentioned air ducts built into the thin wall between bedrooms and bathrooms, living room and hallway, kitchen and living room, you can make the air conditioner cool the room, directed to different areas of the room, and at the same time be completely aesthetic.

In the area of ​​shelves and cabinets

The empty space under the roof, so often formed in the room with the installation of a low cabinet, you can take to accommodate the air conditioning. Such a method is very rational, as it allows you to use the space wisely, visually it is not overloaded.

You can use this method if, for example, the ceiling in your apartment is high enough, and shelves, cabinets and overhead sections are located at a certain distance below them.

The modular and hanging furniture

Completely or only partially includes Air conditioning can completely guileless ways distribute placing it one of the decorative wall shelves and upper blocks of modular furniture in the living room, bedroom, office.

The first option will allow some to derive attention from the containment, which represents a substantial part of the interior or even the entire inside as a whole.

The second option will completely hide the air conditioning in the furniture, yet giving easy access to it anytime.

colored conditioner

Although the room is not niches, shelves and roomy furniture, air conditioning is easy to get used to at the existing decor, about the color of his body to pick up the tone in the wall on which the device is set. The merger will support visual harmony in space, and does not conflict with other items in other colors.

The council: It happens that as a result of a long search, air conditioning, for example lemon, you go back home empty handed. That's the case, do not worry, you can always use self-adhesive film or arakalom, custom. All you need to do is use the color for all workpiece surface balm.

Wall mounted air conditioners as the decorative element

Nowadays, many well-known manufacturers and small household appliances for the house can offer newly developed news conditioners that are expressively styled. If you are a devoted fan of innovations in the field of technical and aesthetic qualities of flat balm sure you will be evaluated on merit.

We hope that our recommendations will help you and utoboprimenimy in new or familiar domestic interiors. Watch out!