how to insulate metal

How To Insulate a Metal Frame Building
Radiant Barrier Insulation

To save the apartment the maximum amount of heat and do not pay for heating in the winter, try to heat the front door with your hands. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Thermal insulation of doors, such as wood, and metal, usually begins on the perimeter. The task is not difficult. To solve it, you must have a special seal, which can be both self-adhesive and plug-in.

How to isolate the iron door with it?

Self-adhesive sealant pre-treatment. Any suitable solvent (alcohol, acetone, thinner) treat the door frame, and squeeze the self-adhesive seal around the perimeter, remove it from the substrate. Insert seal with force pressed against the groove, pre-cut in the door frame.

How to isolate a metal door till It was not only safe, but also beautiful? If your door – a metal profile with sheet welded to it, it can not protect against cold and noise. Isolate the door with your hands by filling a suitable thermal insulation material gap between the metal sheets.

In addition, it is necessary: