how to make a two room apartment

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If your apartment is divided into two full-room rooms – this is a big success, but even better when it comes to making three meeting rooms. Today, we continue the theme of appropriate changes space two-bedroom apartments.

Suppose you post in a post, actor's responsibility, and need a personal home office; or perhaps – expected to end in the family, and maybe completely different, at least one good reason, forcing space different.

We present three options for changes to two-room apartments, which have all the chances of being a three bedroom.

Elementary – we use the space or balcony loggia

For example, the space in the apartment is twin-room, one of which is combined with the kitchen-dining room. We do not recommend, in this case, to build a wall between them, as the kitchen, living room is better than two separate, but close and ridiculous premise.

If you destroy the old or build new murardu is not ready to offer a carefully organized run of the loggian, combined with the living room. You can arrange the desk, shelves and even a mini-sofa – all you need to feel comfortable while working in the office in the front room space.


Two in one – separate bedroom and nursery

The plan is presented below – planning single-family apartments, where the entrance is combined with the living room, where the door leads into the bedroom.

Arrange another room by moving a wall in the bedroom to the kitchen uncomfortable – the latter will be very close, and the number of seats at the table will decrease.

Alternatively, the third chamber (for example, baby baby) can be made about building a partition in the bedroom, thus dividing its place. Naturally shaped rooms are quite small, but all you need for the relaxation of parents and the child's development suits them.

Very good, if in the room, in addition there is an exit to the loggian: from the bedroom can be dismantled the door, and vice versa – to install them in the nursery, to provide heat and soundproofing.

Tip: In the construction of the wall should be installed double doors until parents can quickly and easily go to the child.


Quiet and light – we share a bedroom and an office

Another way to make the space more functional apartments as it was shown in the room as an office or changing room – is the reorganization of the space with two windows.

If the apartment has two rooms, one of which is in the plan, so even with two windows – you can use a partition with sliding doors in it. Translucent glass cloth will save a sense of the extent and the level of illumination of both bands, in its entirety.

So, for sliding doors, you can arrange a home office space, comfortable locker room or a room for music lessons (creativity).

The Council: We do not recommend constructing such a partition in the living room, as it often goes to a lot of people, and thus working in silence can be quite unusual. Bedroom – It is more suitable for zone sharing space, because it is quiet and quiet.