how to make the room lighter

Sunlit room – perfect field for working on the inside. But not all rooms have this remarkable property. Let's look at the basic principles of light propagation and discuss, using some ways you can make the room brighter and the corresponding visually more spacious.

1. Put your room in a "white cube"

Nothing extends the space as the blurred boundary between the plan. Paint walls and floors in white, on the floor lay a light lid, and turn your room into a magic "white cube". Under glimpses its boundaries are erased, and look nenashedshy contrasting touches with the walls ceilings and the floor area will take much longer than it actually is.

Let's list the materials that will help you realize this vision:

Floor – parquet, board, laminate, solid wood, parquet, cork (already produce it with all kinds of surface patterns), vinyl flooring, self leveling floors. Walls – paint, plaster, wallpaper, wall panels. Thanks – painted.

2. Lever mirrors


The mirror has a huge impact on the lighting room, if it is correct to use it. Position the mirror so that it reflects the lightbox and the wall. Thus, you like the dual effect and increase the amount of light in the room. No matter what the mirror is size or shape – a large cloth full height or a small interior of the mirrored glass pieces arranged at different angles. You must see in the room its main advantages and the winning side in relation to the lighting and use reflective objects to increase their influence.

3. Use pastel colors


In illuminated spaces with experimental color combinations can be very dangerous. That is why we recommend avoiding all dark colors and shades of gray. Real estate surfaces reflect each other ultimately leading to the fact that the low level of your room lighting just worsened. Combinations that would be very noble and interesting to a large bright room, with the risk of being depressed and wandered in such premises.

the advice

When choosing material, choose colors even lighter than the original you want. The lack of light and brightness in the room will make the wallpaper visually darker than they appeared to you in the store like fluorescent lamps or strong sunlight.

4. zashtorivayte window


The window in the apartment is the only source daylight, and in a poorly lit room a crime zashtorivat it. Not necessarily decorate the window. You can either side of the window to hang light but tight curtains to close them as needed. Wool is better not to hang up, or permanently remove the closer the curtains. This will create a multilayer and textiles on the windows will look even more interesting. In this embodiment, the design should take care of the appearance of the windowsill and the state of the battery.

There are many design options radiators, all from retro style and ending with innovations with the latest technology. Choose the one that best suits your interior, or simply close the existing (if ugly) nicely sprung.

5. Keep track of light reflection

As is known, light rays tend to be reflected. And then, what structure the walls and surrounding objects, it affects the degree of reflection. For example, high gloss surfaces and mirrors better than dull and bright – it's better than dark. The smooth surface in this sense is more favorable than the rough structure. Keep in mind that each object in the room, and wall coverings – especially (because it is a very large area) – affects the surrounding objects and surfaces, and they in turn affect them. The more opportunities you give reflection, the room will appear brighter.

For example, remove the carpet from the floor, a big high nail, you almost double light, and this can be controlled using special devices. Consider in advance what items you need to surround and if you meet the goal, make the room brighter, first thinking about the texture and color of the objects. Plan it because without accurate calculations can be caused by clumsy construction and poor organization. Only planning will help you correct existing shortcomings.

Applying these techniques is not complicated, can dramatically improve the lighting of the room. In this case it is possible to apply all tips on a premise – because the daylight is simply impossible to exaggerate. But if suddenly it's still not enough, there's always artificial lighting, decorative possibilities are so wide that the lack of a glance at the right service can make the biggest benefit to your room. The most important thing – not despair and not mourning, and taking the circumstances they are, keep in mind that everything will ultimately turn out to be exactly wonderful. Good luck to repair!