how to remove creaking wooden floor

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Floors of wood have a number of undeniable advantages, but it has drawbacks, and one of the primary – an annoying joints that arise when walking. Remove creaking wooden floors you can own, in the presence of minimal skills and simple tools.

Kilar. This method will help eliminate the failure of wooden floors, if it is the reason for the friction between the discs and the rules. If possible, go down the bottom (for example, from the basement) you want to insert small wooden kites at the places where the board slips backwards. You can also lubricate wedge glue.

Remove the floor creaking – the task is simple, but first you have to determine the cause. Depend on it and choose a way to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

Talc. Eliminate creaking floors in the event that it is caused by friction boards each other, can be achieved with powder of talc or graphite. Cracks in the floor are necessary to fill the powder, and then remove excess with a dry cloth.

Brackets. All brackets – screws, screws, nails – can be loosened, get out of the mounting position. Remove failed wood floors in such a case, by removing the screws and replacing the old with new ones, but a larger diameter for the same length you.

Foam. Quite easy way to remove creaking wooden floors – fill with foam space between the slabs and the rails. This will eliminate the possibility of moving parts of the floor relative to each other, and an unpleasant creaking disappears.