How to Scotchgard Sofa

Sure Fit Essential Twill Sofa Slipcover with Scotchgard
Sure Fit Essential Twill Sofa Slipcover with Scotchgard Protection

Developed by 3M, Scotchgard is a product designed to prevent stains on fabrics and padding. The application of Scotchgard is quick and easy, with just a few minutes of a spray can. According to the manufacturer, Scotchgard is safe for children and animals when the product has dried, but it is flammable in the can and when wet. Protecting a Scotchgard couch will require the use of multiple jars of the product.

• Check the label on the couch for a cleanability code. Scotchgard clothing is safe for cleanliness codes W and W / S. Do not use Scotchgard on fabrics with a cleanability code X.

• Spray Scotchgard on the couch in a small, hidden area. Touch a white cloth to the wet Scotchgard to see if fabric dyes bleed on the cloth. If color transfers, do not use the product on the couch. Allow the test area to dry and check if there is any visible bleaching or other problems with the fabric. If no noticeable issues are found, proceed with the Scotchgard application to the entire couch.

• Place the couch on a large dust sheet to protect the floor from spray mist.

• Remove pads and pillows from the sofa if possible.

• Vacuum clean and clean the couch properly.