how to turn windowsill into recreational area 5 tips for optimizing space

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So that the culinary smells do not soak up the upholstery of the sofa and curtains in the living room, install a powerful hood and always cook with it.

How to turn a windowsill into a recreation area?

In a small apartment with windows can be a functional part of the interior. For example, turning into a sofa, a place to read, rest or sleep. The options are many, we have considered Top 5 ideas that will be perfect for apartments with different configurations.

rest area

To equip the usual herring good countertop
To begin with, you must define functions that are to be performed by windows. If it is intended not only for the storage of books or collection of flower publishing, must be strengthened. Usually used for this purpose wide wooden worktops. They are quite strong and can handle a lot of weight.

Make the threshold of a real sofa
If there is no radiator under the windowsill, then the window, you can create a temporary bed. For this practical wooden planks, pallets, ottomans, benches or chairs that are easy to connect with, paint and decorate so no one guesses from what made this furniture.

To read it was more comfortable, better to equip it with a lamp

Storage under the windowsill

Make the most of the threshold of the sofa

Of course, do not forget about beauty. Herring, which will serve as a couch or a comfortable place to read, you can decorate a beautiful decorative pillows. To create a nice warm atmosphere and useful leather and blankets.

Decorate hides, blankets and pillows

A cozy place for rest on the windowsill
We have found 23 more hot examples of how hair can transform interior. They will certainly be on hand for those who want to make the threshold is a great place to relax.