how turn balcony into heavenly place 7 useful tips and 30 adorable examples

stairway to book heaven

Paradise on a small balcony

The balcony can be a great place to read books, contemplation of local landscapes and only area, where it is always quiet and comfortable. And not only big but also small balcony. How to create a real heavenly place in an apartment?

Storage on the balcony
If there is a need to store any thing on the balcony, for these purposes, you can choose benches or ottomans, which are hidden under seals of spacious drawers. It is also conveniently made on one of the walls in the open shelves. Useful here and braided baskets and plastic containers, as well as the old wooden boxes.

The arrangement on the balcony
Before we make the design of the balcony, it must be dubbed it in order. It is necessary to get rid of extra furniture, a variety of drawers and old things that often go to the balcony after falling due.

Bench with drawers for storage

cozy balcony

Wooden floor on the balcony
If possible, the best thing to make the goat floor on the balcony. This will constantly feel under their feet warm and comfortable consistency of wood. If this option seems expensive or impractical, the floor can be left in the form it exists. If you put on one or more carpets, it will make the room cozy and comfortable, because even on a cool summer night on the balcony can be without shoes. Instead of carpets, coatings that mimic grass can be used. This will create an interesting atmosphere and revitalize the interior balcony.

It is advisable to choose everything for small-scale balcony furniture. For example, folding or stacking chairs, footstools, small benches, ladders and coffee tables. Not a bad alternative – furniture transformers or corner furniture, hanging mobile tables.

Wooden furniture in open balcony

Metal furniture on the balcony

Rattan furniture on the balcony
Interesting and unusual on the balcony watching hammock or hanging chair. This is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The hammock on the balcony

Suspended chair on the balcony

This piece of paradise on the impossible balcony community without flowers. Not necessarily, there should be many. Everything is an amateur – someone who completely surrounds with flowers and enjoys his scent, while others do not like to care for plants, but they want to take home a home-grown note.

Beautiful flower pots for balcony

Metal cans instead of pots

Suspended flower pots

Final adjustments are left to do – Completed with several chairs Cushions & Blankets. They will perform multiple functions, decorate the space, make it cozy and create a comfortable environment for a stay in the balcony in cold weather.

Pillows and blankets in the inner balcony

Interior small balcony

Cushion decorate the inside balcony

Laconic construction small balcony

Plaid and pillow will be useful in the cool evening

This point is not mandatory, but evening extra lighting can transform a balcony into the most romantic and magical place on earth. Here you will be alone together for a cup of tea or a glass of wine, watching the stars, and just dreaming.

Lighting the balcony requires only a few lights

romantic atmosphere

In such an environment, a pleasure to watch the stars and dreams
The balcony can be used not only as a place to relax or read. It is also possible to arrange an office. How-to? This is our review of "Workplace malogabaritki. 7 practical ideas and 30 striking examples"