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how to convert a garage into a studio
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Small interior, 30 square meters

It's hard to believe that this cute little house before it was a regular garage. Because it is only 30 square meters, but despite this there could accommodate all functional areas and make the interior is incredibly attractive. What does it take to transform a small space this candy?

Small cozy cottage

Small house of 30 square meters

Small house from an old garage
Spring season is particularly relevant pastel news. To make this little house used soft olive oil and cream color scheme, even the building's facade painted in a refreshing color olive. This technique gave a sense of ease and visually erased the sense of density. In addition, this color scheme is neutral for any time of the year, and not tired of monotony, or brightness, here only in moderation.

living room
Interior decided to emit in eclectic style, mixing classic and rustic style immediately. It was very fresh and interesting! Furniture made of wood, of the items covered color enveloped warm shades, the other part of the left in unpainted form. In order to successfully complete an interior painting, textiles and floor coverings naturally also chose.

In the kitchen

small kitchen

Bed folds turn into a practical storage system

small bathroom

Mirror and lighting games to increase the visual space
An unusual little apartment got into our field of vision. It is only 16 square meters, but its design breaks the mind of malogabaritki in general.