how update built in bathtub 9 cunning design techniques

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How to upgrade the built-in bath 9 smart construction tricks
It's not necessary to get rid of built-in baths as it's outdated and does not match the current fashionable styles. It provides many opportunities for repairing in the spirit of the 21st century. She looks carefully in the interior and can easily become a design item thanks to basic improvements, such as installing new design panels in antique or slabs made of expensive wood or mirrored panels. Run-rectangular baths can express themselves thanks to some smart construction tricks.

The interior of the bathroom from Robertson Lindsay Interiors

The interior of the bathroom runk Creative Ltd.

The simplicity and elegance of the panels as well as a possible helper to turn the bathroom into a design object. You can try to do something like, using MDF, color it with soft blue color, or take a finished panel. Do not forget to use waterproof ink suitable for bathroom performance. It is better to have a removable panel and gain access to the water supply system to perform repair work.

Let the bath build a link altitude and will be coated with its side of the same tiles as the walls. On the picture you can see how walls and built-in bath tiled, imitate bricks, give style and functionality. In this case, furniture dark wood and coal-colored tiles on the floor play the role of balance and complement the image. For joining in this case a light gray color fits.

The interior of the bathroom from ECO creations

The interior of the bathroom by Kelly Hoppen London

The interior of the bathroom Arc8 Projects Ltd.

Sometimes, to achieve perfection, the dew must perfect the combination of materials and colors. In this marble bathroom bathroom is perfect in combination with glass panels built-in baths, add charm. Mirror panel will not only be an additional source of light, but also visually expand the space. Use a mirror and marble bath and look elegant and in a modern way.

The interior of the bathroom Shellshock Designs

The interior of the bathroom Meynell Hoolahan architects

Facing wooden panel on one side, a simple trick, but how incredibly beautiful she looks. Particularly impressive is the combination of stone work surface with built-in bathroom and wood paneling, which are ideal for the landscape outside the window.

The interior of the bathroom from EAG Studio

Sometimes panels are not the main target designers; they try to integrate additional features to the panel is not limited to the role of decoration. The image shows how the L-shaped panel is supplemented corner section of shelves to store toiletries and towels. These panels should be installed by professionals for individual designs.

Often, in order to achieve perfection, we do not get varied, as shown by the bathroom, which is represented in the photograph. Glass panels with a silver pattern on the walls, wood panel color chocolate bath and built-in dressing table with overhead sinks ensured that the bathroom simple and traditional, but the ideal picture. Chrome fittings and trim, a large mirror and lighting finished elegant and charming appearance. In addition to the panels, really have to pay attention to color scheme, where the bathroom is decorated. Designers are invited to be more daring, experiment with colors, to find innovative solutions.

The interior of the bathroom with Keir Townsend