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The small apartment is quite difficult to organize space so that it is comfortable, at the same time and most functional. How to use windows for expansion of their homes? With it you can significantly increase the effective area, not applying for this particular effort.

These ideas will help you design a windowboard to get rid of extra living space.

Use the windowsill as an extra work area in the kitchen – a good idea. Standard threshold is removed and replaced on the table, which may be a continuation of the total work area, or separated from it. Often in the counter next to the window mount the sink – excellent lighting "clean" zone and an added bonus to admire the view from the window while the dishes make this option quite popular.

The idea of ​​design like a windowsill is the table top useful in small kitchens, where there is no room for a regular stationary. In this case, you can also replace the standard windowboard on a typical bench, but can be used and the unusual design of herring, for example, produce it from natural stone or typing of solid wood boards.

If the width of the wall is sufficient (at least 50 cm) interesting idea clearance herring can be reworked in her desk. The space below can be used for the unit cabinet and drawers needed for comfortable workplace. The main criterion – the ability to place on the "desktop" computer and a lamp to illuminate the workplace.

herring the design a green oasis helps air, especially in the kitchen. It will maintain the necessary moisture, while serving as an element of fashion today ecodesign. Growing on the windowsill of spicy green will be useful not only to the eye but also to the stomach.

We need more space for relaxation? Make a couch under the window. herring design in this case can resemble a street bench, there lay a pillow to facilitate seating. An important prerequisite: the height of the threshold must not exceed 50 cm from the floor and width – less than 60 cm.

You can use the windowsill as a living corner, put on him a house for a cat or dog or hamster cage with a parrot.