how visually push walls a narrow apartment 40 square meters sweden

An Incredibly Compact House Under 40 Square Meters
An Incredibly Compact House Under 40 Square Meters That Uses Natural Decor photo

Malogabaritki in Sweden: 40 square meters

What happens if non-standard apartment layout, narrow space, and does not exceed quadration and 40 square meters? Then comes with the help of an intelligent organization of space. You will need to think through every detail, starting with the color of the walls and ending the placement of parquet on the floor. How to make it right that the result satisfied, but not upset?

Elegant Scandinavian interior
The answers we found in a Swedish malogabaritki. Its area reaches 40 square meters and layout leaves much to be desired. But despite this, the owners did not despair, and organized its interior so that the comfortable stay. So, in the same way as they used?

Planning a small apartment
Another trick to save some inremalogabaritki: that the apartment seemed more a single place, you must choose a floor covering of the same color or the same material. In this apartment with parquet, color is especially chosen not too bright and not too dark, making the interior more elegant and attractive.

The apartment has a difficult layout
The first thing that made the owners of the apartment-We got rid of all the doors to achieve the effect of a single space. The next step was the painting of walls and the color is determined immediately. Scandinavians could not resist the beauty and versatility of their favorite shades. They not only measured the walls, but the roof and window frames. This method did not wait and immediately worked on visual expansion and an increase in space.

White color in the inner malogabaritki

Parquet perfect color for malogabaritki
Through design, the interior is characterized by Scandinavian minimalism. But it does not seem empty or cold. First of all, it happens thanks to a harmonious embedded in the interior of the spring elements – fresh flowers, light green lamp, colored decorative pillows. Wall decor here also plays an important role. Mirrors provide visually space perspective and work on poster proportionality.

The kitchen is in a small apartment

Elegant kitchen malogabaritki

Spring elements in the interior
For furniture apartment owners are simply here I have no frills or luxury. Practical aspects in the first place, but it is elegant as short-lived Scandinavian. Leather chairs provide bedside notes lightness and dark console balancing white coloring interior solidity, white sofa and. Due to the fact that all these puzzles are perfect for each other, formed a harmonious interior painting.