iBander bracelet for Apple Watch

Bossy Apple Watch Strap 38mm,Woven Nylon Replacement: Amazon.co.uk
Bossy Apple Watch Strap 38mm,Woven Nylon Replacement Band Sport Loop Bracelet Wristband for iWatch

Basically, I am satisfied with the bracelet. However, wanted to order the rosane (also for everyday life) and it came one in bright pink, which I wear only for sports now.

Love these bands! The colors are true to life, the teal band is livelier, but I think that's a plus. All colors are rich and look very high quality. The tapes are almost identical to the Apple tape that comes with the watch.

This band is just like the Apple Watch Band. I already have a pale pink (apple brand) and now this pale aqua. It only comes with the one size you order, unlike the Apple straps that come in the same package with a small and big size.

This band has been great so far, having received it on time a few days ago. I have the band that originally came with my watch (1st generation, 38mm, was a gift) and the Apple band and this band are the same thickness and style.

I just got it today. So far I really like it, much more than the original silicone strap that came with the watch. This band feels lighter, not so thick. It's silicone, but it does not have the "stick to the skin" silicone feel like the original band does.

So the material is ok, but the tape does not hold properly on the Apple Watch, you can just pull it out. Unfortunately, I do not know how good it is when you hang with the clock times where. The price you can not expect much – but you expect it at least at the clock keeps so no purchase recommendation

Slightly longer than normal bracelets that I have already bought. Unfortunately the material is not that good. I have already bought better for the price.

The bracelet M / L fits perfectly on my big wrist. The colors are great and were packed in individual sleeves. Worth the price.

Looks exactly like the Apple version for a fraction of the cost. Obviously made of a slightly different material because it feels a bit different from the Apple tape, but that's what's expected for the price.

Incredibly cool. When I wore the original Apple band, it was not so noticeable. As soon as I started wearing it, so many people noticed it and got good compliments. Very rare to find such quality products at an excellent price.