ideas for interior design small kitchen

The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your
Small kitchen

How to design the interior of a small kitchen? – In this matter, their heads are scouring thousands of residents in the towns high-rise apartments standard. We hope that some tips we offer you in this article will greatly facilitate such a difficult task, and you will be pleased with the results.

The main problem with humble kitchen – the lack of space stored the necessary kitchen utensils. To the interior of a small kitchen can accommodate everything that is useful for you to create culinary masterpieces, and tools and equipment for the house, making every centimeter of space work for you. Get rid of "dead zones".

If possible, practical shelves in the ceiling – you will see how much space you have won.

Many owners of small kitchen abandoned cabinets with doors, explain that upon opening, the doors occupy very valuable space and cause inconveniences. They should not think so. Experienced designers have come up with a model for a long time hanging cupboard with doors that open upwards.

Size matters – so to speak cheap apartments, buy a sink for your kitchen. Of course, a consequence of this view is the purchase of miniature zinc a pair of cymbals. However, this is not entirely correct. Medium-sized or large flags can hold all dirty dishes after a home party. With a small sink, because it will not work, and all dirty dishes will take place on table tops and other surfaces.

We have found that the interior of a small kitchen does not allow you to hang cabinets with alternative doors and decided to replace their cabinets with doors that open upwards. But how is the locker at the bottom? Very simple – to replace them on the boxes. Then all the cavities in your kitchen furniture can be used efficiently, and long horizontal windows to extend the visual kitchen space.