ideas for small bathroom

amir khamneipur gray bathroom

The small size of the premises, which is set aside, does not hinder the issue of its elegant and beautiful. Making a small bathroom can be a very original, if you choose the right basic interior.

The main principles. One of the most suitable solutions for a small bathroom – the use of minimalism, is a way of saving space. VVS strict shapes and small size, which combine in a piece of multiple features, the lack of bulk jewelry and complex forms of furniture – these are the main design ideas for a small bathroom.

Material. Receipts, which visually extend the space, determine the choice of finishing materials for the decoration of a small bathroom. Tiles preferably shiny, solid, light, medium – a "shoot" the walls into a small room. The roof can also be glossy, visually that it appears. Avoid contrasting combinations in the decoration of walls and floors, visually reducing the space.

Perfect solution – the combination of sanitary ware and various furniture, such as table and sink with a washing machine.

Plumbing. Various sanitary ware manufacturers have ideas for a small bathroom, embodied in compact models, miniature shells with rounded shapes. Often such plumbing is located in the corners of the room.

Another principle of justice – combining all that can be combined. For example, instead of a stand-alone bidet toilet seat can be covered with a lid, a bidet.

Excellent space-saving modern showers. Semi-transparent doors allow a stand as if in the room.

Light. When you make a small bathroom, do not forget about lighting. Large lamps complex shapes of space, it is much better to handle the task of spotlights in the ceiling and luminaires, the spots rotatable next to the mirror.

Addition. Designers offer interesting ideas for a small bathroom with different mirrors. For example, replacement of tiles on the mirror on a wall is almost double space and lies opposite each other mirrors will create an interesting effect of infinity of space.

Blind near a bathtub, towels, light matt floor, unusual painting or graphics – all of which can highlight your personality. Used in combination, these design solutions for a small bathroom will help give it a unique, touch-sensitive style.