ideas for small hallway five ideas for organization storage in hallway

You could use those glass knobs to hang purses and scarves from. You could mount them on a board by your entry way like this picture 5 Inspiring Small Space

Modern small lobby – this could be the most problematic place small apartments: you want enough space for everything, including what does not fit into the room, but in fact – really no place to put the shoes. Well, today we offer some ideas for accommodation and storage in the corridor.

Even in a small hall you can find a place a lot of things, most importantly – decide what you need to store here and in what place. It is obvious that we will place in the hall shelf for shoes, hangers for clothes, hooks for bags. Here it will be placed and individual video intercom aimed at – protecting your home from unwanted visitors. Usually such equipment is compact, but still has to find and place it.

The obvious solutions do not always seem to us any better: bright colors help visually enlarge the room, why not make the interior of the corridor already in dark, gloomy colors.

Furniture and elements for the storage hall, must be multifunctional. For example, in the store, which is both a shelf for shoes, and a niche for baskets with useful things. Many pieces of furniture can be used for multiple purposes.