if there is no wardrobe some interesting ideas for storing clothes and shoes

u201cIf you have a spot outside your door to the garage (most of us do), where you can set up a simple shelf, this is a great spot for shoes to rest before

In the late 90's – the beginning of the 2000s on the domestic marketed wardrobes and fashion them literally swept all the post-Soviet space. Yes, this furniture is definitely practical. But first, many modern styles in the interior exclude his presence, and, secondly, not always and not everyone is able to acquire such a cupboard. Where is the store stuff, if the cabinet is not at all? No? – Here are some interesting and potentially useful ideas in this regard.

The simplest and, at the same time, elegant storage of clothes and shoes – into the room stationary rack hanger. Experience shows that such a design can look very elegant, especially considering that the production can be chosen some material: treated and untreated wood, iron bars and even a thin iron pipe.

If there is nowhere to put a rack hang from the ceiling! This will save a lot of space and is convenient to hang the clothes on the threshold.

This is a very convenient option for proprietary apartments, as well as people who like to make permutation homes often. The easy rack clothing rack can be equipped with not only the wheels but also on additional shelves for shoes.

If you do not have the free space deficit. but you do not want to rubbish into the room a large wardrobe or arrange a separate dressing room, then think of the equipment open wardrobe. Typical shelf near the ceiling and a pair of hangers, stands, and you have a full walk-in closet. This solution is perfect for Scandinavian kogo interior style or ceiling, which is now very popular.

Another creative alternative to traditional wardrobe – opens a narrow plank of cabinets. It is enough to paint the boxes in the correct color and tie them together. Such furniture can look good in the bedroom and in the hall, even the most modest size.

Bed with drawers – it is not in the daily saturation. But there is also a "flip" model, opening up even greater storage opportunities. However, in this case it is desirable to fill special bags for clothes, so it is not regulated in the dust.

If there is a wish and opportunity, can and do under the bed the podium, which will act as a wardrobe. Despite the complexity of ideas, as a result, you can get a few extra meters of housing there, as well as unusual interior of a bedroom.

Any niche in the wall, including pantry, can be converted to a changing room. It can be open, hidden behind a door or curtain – to choose you. In any case, this is a very practical solution.