imitation crystal faces asymmetrical house concrete and glass

McMansion Hell: The Devil is in the Details

Asymmetrical house Haus 36, located on the outskirts of Stuttgart.
In most cases, concrete and glass building it looks express and boring, but the German architects have rebuffed this statement. They presented the original asymmetric house where a coarse concrete optimally balanced glass surface reminds the edges of rock crystal.

MBA / S Matthias Bauer Associate's architectural project of the company.
Architects Company MBA / S Matthias BauerAssociates has completed the work on building a house called Haus 36, located near Stuttgart (Germany). Project writers mention that the development of different types of homes they were inspired by the faces of rock crystal. That is why glass and concrete have been chosen as the basic building material.

Haus 36 – The house of concrete and glass.
The location of the house on a steep slope, the interior gets maximum daylight through large windows. Visually balancing concrete foundation at home, the architects laid a residential structure asymmetric triangulated roof.

Naus 36. Interior.
Another good example of building concrete and glass is near Buenos Aires. Manor in a pile of geometric shapes stands out among other things urban architecture.

Haus 36. bathroom.
Minimalism not only observed the outside but also inside. The modest interior space creates the effect of the building size is only 10×12 meters.