in anticipation end world 5 shelters from all over the world which were built case nuclear apocalypse

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5 shelters worldwide, built in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

To go on a trip, people tend to personally see the famous sights, learn culture and food in a country. But recently, a new tourist destination – now it is possible to visit the sanctuary, which was built in different countries in the event of nuclear war. In our review 5 such unusual tourist attractions.

The entrance to the shelter should be protected from radiation.

Asyl Charlie Hall, Montana.
The shelter built from the previous oil tanks was welded together, members of the "Church Universal and Triumphant" sects in 1989.

The reason was to build a prophecy that the world will be destroyed in a nuclear war, March 15, 1990. That night, 90 people crowded in the bunkers and waited for the end of the world.

The staircase leads to protection.

Everything you need for a comfortable life.

Underground City in Beijing.

Underground City, also known as Dixia Cheng, – A giant shelter, located right in the middle of Beijing. The complex was built in 1970 in the event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, and in 2000 it was opened for tourists.

Asylum, which was supposed to conceal during the war with the Soviet Union.

In the underground city that could survive a nuclear bombing, earthquakes and floods, it can accommodate about 800,000 people. complete urban infrastructure has been established in Dixia Cheng.

Swiss minimalism.

In Switzerland, every citizen is obliged by law to have access to a shelter so that they are actually built under each building.

… and a pink decor.

St. Petersburg nightclub Griboyedov.

Judging by the happy pink decor, it is unlikely to believe in the end of the world the Swiss.

It preserves the world of knowledge.
In the event of a nuclear war in London, we began to gather all kinds of scientific evidence that knowledge does not disappear after the apocalypse.

Capital of Culture Russia's former atom "Griboyedov" – a shelter one of the most fashionable clubs in the city now lies. One of the American tourists visiting the nightclub wrote in the guestbook: "I thought it was very optimistic – Nightclub in the sanctuary. People come here to relax, have a drink and dance. This is a real homage to life, rather than waiting for death. "

Synthetic earthly bunkers cause double meaning. On the one hand, they give people hope that you can survive in a few disasters, but on the other hand, there is evidence of the pessimism in society over the fact that the war can not be avoided. But look at the 11 examples of top secret weapons, whose existence is hard to believe, begins to doubt that asylum needs someone.