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Judging merely by the prices over the past few weeks, the answer would seem to be an unequivocal no. But if you believe the voices of some manufacturers,

Inspirational ideas for a fun and comfortable stay in the country.
For Christmas holidays, it's time to take care of nice things that make a holiday in a small haven of comfort, warmth and joy.

Swing bed with a canopy.
A large bed with a canopy suspended from the German company Benedomi – perfect for a comfortable stay in the fresh air.

Original hanging seat Kodama Zome.

Bowl of fire Solfire.
Cheers for a safe campfire in the free, which will not allow the fire to spread.

Creative chair with extensive seat and secure metal support structure. Such a seat – the perfect accessory for a cozy outdoor life.

Furniture Bubble LED.

Enormous inflatable twist sensor.
Twister – one of the most fun family games, and a big inflatable twister would be the best attraction of any country house.

Hanging tent cocoon.

Hanging tents can be a budget alternative to the tree trunk and a comfortable place to relax in nature.

Own spell.
Owns the troll in the country – the dream of any child.

Functional outdoor kitchen.

The ultra modern modular kitchen Cal flame for outdoor cooking.

Creative summer shower.
Excellent summer shower with a copper frame and a tray of pebble stones.

Compact suitcase grill.
bag compact for barbecue, for which there is a place even in the small yard.

Family hammock.
Even a large family can comfortably accommodate in this huge hammock.

Garden Table.
Big picnic table with built-in parts of the ice.

Reading chaise for reading.
A comfortable chaise longue that will not break away from reading even on the stomach.

Garden swings around a campfire.
Robust design for happy gatherings around campfire.

Own bowling.
Own bowling alley – an excellent idea for a country house.

Own buchey.
A small artificial pond at its summerhouse – the original alternative to a decorative pond and fountains.

In addition, you can get an inflatable mobile theater for home and garden, and enjoy a fun family viewing.