in harmony with nature mansion in middle pristine land

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Shining Hand Ranch – A stunning mansion located in Ashland (USA).
At the foot of Ashland (Ashland, Oregon) is offered for sale stunning mansion. Its design is directly related to flora and fauna in the area. Carved doors, organic spaces, natural materials – all this embodies the desire sponsor to reflect the architectural beauty of the surrounding field.

Shining Hand Ranch – home area 825 square meters. meter.
A few months ago, ended in the construction wacker mansion called Shining Hand Ranch. Its area is 825 square meters and the house is located on a plot of 285 acres of unspoilt nature, where you can see deer, moose, eagles, hawks.

According to the concept, the house is designed to "sing and reflect the beauty of the surrounding field." Architects achieved this through the traditional Indian natural natural themes and motifs reflected in the design. They have also deliberately avoided the sharp corner stream and designed an organic space.

Skinande Hand Ranch. "Wavy" wooden floor.

Skinande Hand Ranch. Staircase.

Skinande Hand Ranch. Wood living room cupola.
The upper floor contains two bedrooms, living room, vaulted ceilings made of cedar. Bathroom deserves special attention. Aside from the spectacular villa windows there is a double shower, whirlpool bath, steam shower with these blocks, as well as two sinks framed in blue granite.

Skinande Hand Ranch. The foyer.
When you enter the house immediately, a fan of nature, combined with modern design felt. Foyer reminds river landscape: granite flooring forms a sand bottom, and wood – wave.

Skinande Hand Ranch. Bathroom.

Skinande Hand Ranch. Kitchen.
The cost of the manor Shining Hand Ranch is $ 8,235,000. Another interesting house is located in adjacent Montontana. The house is built in a rustic style. About chopped stone, thick logs, smallest decor – everything fits perfectly into the home in a picturesque surrounding landscape.