in order entrance hall 15 cool examples which are worth looking

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The scheme in the hall: 15 cool examples worth a look

The interior of the hall should be very functional, depending on the order in the room. Often an area with such space is limited, but here you have to place a lot of things. How can this be achieved?

bright interior corridor

Harmonic colors hall

Dark gray walls in the corridor
The interior is decorated in bright colors is alwaysIt seems clean and spacious. A small space in the application of these shades work to increase the visual space. You can live in white, light gray, blue, green color. To end the better use of paint or wallpaper, which is easy to clean, so that the minimum contamination of the walls can easily be arranged.

Functional rest area
In the hall can not do without a pallet, ottoman or banquettes. If the room is small, resting place must perform several functions. For example, if a store or a pallet, it must be under storage for shoes. A handy perhaps a sitpuff convertible seat, which can be folded in a variety of fines or hide seasonal storage of shoes.

A place to relax with storage systems

Bench with storage for shoes

Keeping shoes in the corridor

Vertical storage of shoes

Console with storage for shoes

The procedure in the corridor

Elegant organization of space in the hall
Additional assistant in the creation of an ideal order will be woven baskets, plastic containers, and even the most common cartons. They house a lot of things, shoes and accessories. So it is possible to solve the problem of storage of bags and hats.

Elegant interior hall

Laconic interior corridor
Right to organize the space in the hall only 10 steps. We already see this!