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Near a busy road in the middle of IndianJunagadh city, you can find quite unclear, but really amazing architectural landmark. Complex Makhabat Maqbara is a mixture of Gothic and Islamic architecture ornaments and in fact is one of the least mysteries in India. This amazing structure – the mausoleum, one of the most important counselors in the court of Nawab Khan Makhabat II Junagadh. The construction of the complex with yellow walls began in 1878 Makhabat Khan and ended in 1892 by his successor, Bahadur Khan. As a result, the light showed a beautiful building with intricate carving on the internal and external fronts, with beautiful arches, windows, French-style columns and shiny silver door openings.

Lenin's mausoleum is located in the Red Square of Moscow, currently serving as a resting place Vladimir Lenin. His ball-shaped body was released on public display there shortly after his death in 1924. Two days after Lenin's death, architect Alexei Shchusev was commissioned to build a structure suitable for public display of the body. At first, the Red Square near the Kremlin wall was built a wooden grave, and since 1930 the body leader for "moved" to a new mausoleum of marble, porphyry, granite and labradorite.

At the cemetery of St Andrews Church in Liverpool, you will find the 5 meter pyramid tomb British engineering and builder William Mackenzie. Local legends say McKenzie is allegedly wrapped sitting at a table with a winning combination of cards in his hand. Being a banned player, he lost soul to the devil in poker and decided to be buried in an unconventional way, not to go to hell after death.

Near the Peruvian dusty road between Lake Titicaca and former Inka capital Cusco lies the quiet city lamp. Founded in the XVI century Spanish Colonial Outpost known modern strange tomb, located near the historic church. Tomb Enrique Torres Belon – Includes mausoleum of bone topped with an aluminum copy of "Pieta" by Michelangelo. Elsewhere, the building is just completely decorated with human skull and hundreds of skulls excavated from the cemetery of the city and the crypt under the church. At the bottom of the grave black marble cross set emphasizing creepy shadows of wall "decorations".

At first glance, Jardines del Huma Bird inCuliacan, Mexico looks pretty ordinary cemetery, but to go deeper into the territory of the cemetery, the more it seems like it is a prosperous suburb. There are world-renowned mausoles of some of the most ruthless killer kings in Mexico. Even after death, the Sinaloa cartel members love to pride their lifestyles, build the lead RYNKAD mausolees, which is much more than the average family home. Many of them are equipped with modern amenities, which many Mexicans can only dream of, such as air-conditioning, a living room, bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, a fire-proof glass, alarm system, and Wi-Fi, family members and friends can comfortably visit deceased. "

Death – Do not End Luxury Lifestyle Some rich Chinese people in Manila. They were buried at the Chinese cemetery, which is a real little neighborhood, where many of the tombs have a size of mansions and equipped with all modern conveniences. Here you will find a fully functional kitchen, bathroom with luxurious furnishings and sleeping in harmony with dead relatives present.

The mausoleum, built in 1570, is of special cultural significance because it was the first garden's tomb on the Indian subcontinent. This mausoleum inspired several great architectural innovations that culminate in the famous Taj Mahal. Garden's Humayun grave is also called "Dorm Mughal", as it found rest more than 150 members of the Humayun family.