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Innovative Glamping: 6 most glamorous hiking tents |
Innovative Glamping: 6 most glamorous hiking tents

Glamping – glamorous tent.
Increasingly, go camping, modern tourists want to enjoy the beauty of nature without losing the comforts of this civilization. Especially for them, Glamping was coined – a kind of analog camping, but much more comfortable. This review presents the most glamorous and 6 comfortable alternative rural homes.

Glamping for Glampers – Korean version of glamorous camping.
Glamping for Glampers – this camp in South Korea. Rooms where visitors have a rest, more like comfortable homes rather than a tent in the campaigns. The interior space is decorated in shades of white and decorated with modern paintings.

Luxury tent in the Australian ekopark.
A good example of urban luxury in the forest bush can be seen in Paperbark Camp Echo Park (Australia). The rooms are comfortable tents with all the amenities certainly do not ruin the rest of the picky residents mega cities.

Drew House – a house for glamorous camping in Australia.
Cylindrical shape Drew house positively distinguishes it from the amount of similar housing. In addition, the water collection technology determines solar energy and the recycling system.

EcoCamp in a national park in Chile.
On the territory of the National Park Torres del Paine National Park is the original eco camp in Chilean Patagonia (EcoCamp). Each residence in it is based on the principle of nomads in GdaƄsk Qawasqar in the form of a dome. Structures are made of cloth, vinyl and galvanized iron. They are not blown and keep the heat warm during the cold season.

Loch Ness Glamping – Gramping near Loch Ness.
Loch Ness Glamping is the famous lake and ness scotlandi. To tourists, wait for a meeting with the legendary Loch Ness beast, inside the building is equipped with two beds and a small window overlooking the lake.

Bubble tree – Translucent inflatable tent.
Another Alternative Unusual Tent – Transparent Sphere Bubble Tree. It is made of non-combustible plastic material, which also protects the inner space from penetrating ultraviolet rays. From bubble trees, campers can still observe the beauty of nature. These glamorous tents allow for a big outdoors life. But there is also design, once been in it, will never forget. Top 10 unusual tents for regular tourists clearly show how you can still sleep in unusual character.