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My dear husband is not very visual in his thinking, but more of the mathematical direction and therefore lets me decide when it comes to the interior here at home – but now it's a thing he's really snowed on and that's that We will deal with our bathroom downstairs (which is not the most optimally planned to express it mildly). That's why I spent a good while today trying to see if we could find some ideas to agree (it's so hard to explain ideas in words for someone who does not visualize in the same way). But I'll probably be killing me. Tell me. Where can you find the best inspiration for "common" bathrooms? So now we talk to standard bathrooms that have not been gifted by seven feet in ceiling or huge windows. My best tips are Elle Decoration's themed image bank, but there are the most spreads on different materials and tiles, not so much floor plans or ideas that can be applied straight into a standard house or a small bathroom without windows that the vast majority of Swedes live with someone once during his lifetime. Do you have any good tips on that topic? I'm all ears.

Photo: Daniella Witte, borrowed from Elledecoration's image archive