inspired by Japanese aesthetics cabin in woods with an area only 20 square meters

leckie studio designs a prefabricated flat-packed cabin for
leckie studio designs a prefabricated flat packed cabin for backcountry hut company

Japanese Forest House – a house of an area of ​​just 20 square meters. meter.
In Oregon (US) state forests is a miniature, but a wonderful house. Its design is inspired by master Japanese aesthetics, and the area is only 20 square meters. meter. Despite this, every weekend there are tourists who want to spend time in this cozy lodge.

The construction of the house costs the owner of 11 thousand dollars.
Kayaking instructor Brian Schultz independently built a house in the woods. During the design of their future homes, Brian inspired the Japanese culture. That is why in the house is called Japanese Forest House atmosphere of calm, and in some places you can find, and Japanese lanterns, low tables.

Japanese Forest House. Bedroom.

Japanese Forest House. The original wooden staircase.
The basic building materials in the house were wooded wood, which the instructor discovered during one of his expeditions, as well as stormy forests. Building space was only 20 square meters.

Japanese Forest House – Cottage in the woods.
Work on housing construction took Brian a year, and the cost of materials amounted to 11 thousand dollars. Now the house can be rented via the online service Airbnbs. One night in the woods the accommodation will cost travelers about $ 130.House of wood can be done in completely different ways. One of these can be called Eco Perch – houses made of wood, it is very suitable as an option to provide.