instructions for creating pillow satin ribbons

Ribbon Pillow Tutorial - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Decorate the inside and create something with your own hands. It is not difficult if there are clear and detailed instructions, some free time and necessary material at hand. We offer you an original idea for decorating pillows bands.

Singularity of this pillow is material for production, we will create a pillow case of satin ribbon. In order for the project to succeed, you must first determine which colors will be made decorative pillowcases and therefore select a preset band. Finding the right in the color solutions will help the interior, which will be a pillow.

To create a pillow of tape we need the following materials and tools:

Next step in creating pillows most bandsCreative. You must pick up and pass a horizontal strip. It is interesting to choose a combination and immediately went to see the result shadow or not. Each band attaches both ends of the pin. First the left edge, and after the net and right.

We sew our pillow of satin ribbons. Tape pristrachevaem to the lining, on the back of the pillow sew two rectangles overlap each other.

To create a uniform look and feel on the back of the pillow of the straps, instead of the usual buttons, sew a pair of straps.

Decorate almost finished and now the belt pad will look cute, not just from the front. The pillow of sideband – ready!