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To create a beautiful bathroom design, designers had to give up the most common finishing materials – tiles. Many believe that it is too strict and cold material, most relevant for the finishing of sanitary facilities in various institutions. In this project, it was decided to decorate the bathroom with natural materials.

It is very durable, water resistant and very beautiful material. The wall opposite the covered granite "marbled". Two walls are finished with white puts, except for a small area inside the glazed shower – there is a snow white wall decorated with mosaics.

The design of the bathroom 8 square meters. m. They used wood and granite: they create a sense of purity, warmth, and add notes to the interior environment style. One of the walls is decorated with teak veneer-wood, which is absolutely not afraid of water, and from which for centuries the vessel's deck made.

Beautiful bathroom furnishings complemented "wood" floors – in fact, are covered with granite, which has a pattern under a tree and imitates the color of pale oak. This element reinforces the feeling of warmth and emphasizes the proximity to nature.

To create a beautiful interior of a bathroom, it is necessary that it found its place the elements that create a sense of purity and coolness, and at the same time – those that will provide comfort and warmth.

This difficult task designers decided by combining a room white plan and rich color and consistency of teak. The resulting style can be called "organic". In accordance with it, and picked up plumbing – it has a rounded "natural" shape. Washing is done on orders of artificial stone.

The design of the bathroom 8 square meters. m. They tried to get away from unnecessary details, and use the smallest number of decorative elements. On the wall – a small area, mosaic. On the windows – airy white curtains, rotten soft pleats and insertion into the interior of romantic tones. Underneath hiding curtain sink, making opaque windows for exterior views.

Studio "1 + 1" Year: 2014

Country: Russia, Saint Petersburg