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Create a Faux Stone Accent Wall | decorating
you can transform any room with a stunning stone accent wall like this. modern materials and methods allow you to create the look of a traditional stone

Finishing the interior decorative stone – a great opportunity to give the originality, unique and elegance. The versatility of the stone can be used in all rooms as a destination in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and in the wet areas.

Decorative stones, both natural and artificial, trim walls and floors, are made windows, countertops, large decorative objects – vases, portals, fireplaces and more. The use of artificial stone decorative interior is preferred – in addition to being much more budget material than natural stone, it makes it possible to produce articles with complex shape and size.

The process of creating an artificial stone is kept intact. First, it creates a composite blend of finely divided plastic and natural materials. When this mixture is pressurized and at elevated temperature poured into the prepared form and compressed to obtain the desired product. At the same time, you can get almost any color and texture of the finished stone simulate naturally and deliberately "artificial" light designers use them to create interiors in modern style.

In the interior decorative stone, the following types of synthetic material are often used:

Mostly the decoration of the houses uses stone based on cement – this is due to the simplicity of manufacture, which affects the final price of the product, as well as the ability to simulate with virtually all natural materials, and create unusual, expressive decorative solutions.

Finishing the interior decorative stone has advantages because of its properties:

The use of artificial stone summer materials for finishing the interior can not only provide the originality and expressiveness, but also to further enhance functionality, as well as a long time without repair to maintain an attractive and stylish appearance.

Council: In the interior decorative stone is necessary to observe a sense of proportion to the benefits of this finishing material is not turned into disadvantages. You can not finish them all the area of ​​the walls – it's visually reducing the space. Also, do not combine different types of stone in an interior – it weightens its perception.

Correct use of the design of the possibilities offered by artificial stone will make all rooms practical, comfortable and with a high-tech.

Kitchen, living room, hall or loggia – the room can be decorated using decorative stone furnishings. He will divide the room into functional areas, or be combined into a meaningful completely different part of the room for the intended purpose. For example, a kitchen and living room can be divided into an arc or partition wall made of artificial stone.

Living room. If the living room has a fireplace, it's usually trim stone – it's a beautiful and traditional solution. In cold weather the rocks are heated by a fireplace fire, and for a long time to emit heat to the surroundings. In the hot summer they heat up very slowly, and keep in a cool room.

Artificial decorative stone in the reclining room used for the decoration of portals fireplace mantel shelves, shelves, vaulted niche and patterns, as well as the windowsill are made of it, console table and other items.

Kitchen. To make the kitchen a stone – one of the best materials. It looks elegant and easy to take care of, as it's possible to make the worktop of any shape, including those with built-in sink and the countertop can include a windowboard – and it's all going to be one. Because not only stone countertops, but also aprons, barrels, alcoves and other kitchen accessories.

Bedroom. Some styles, such as land or environmental style decor with decorative stones are also used in the bedrooms. At the same time it is used on a wall, more often – in the gable.

The entrance. Entrance – the place where the use of stone in the interior could not be more motivated. Finishing stone will last a long time without changing appearance. In that case, if the hall is large, it will decorate pillar and arches.