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Small apartment in a Scandinavian style of life
The small apartment, built and elegant space often proves to be a difficult task. But the interior architect Maxim Tikhonov was able to create a comfortable

Create well-being in a closed space – remembered an easy task. But she confronts someone who undertakes to distinguish the interior of small apartments. Comfort should be not only in the aesthetic and visual terms, but also in a practical and functional, which further complicates the problem. Owner of small apartments and must manage to expand the space visually their homes, and comfortable space in all that is needed for the entire stay.

When we plan to decorate small apartments, it is important that every square meter was involved, there were no "dead" zones.

Proper and effective use of Space should not cause inconvenience to the residents of an apartment or to create a sense of mess. That is, you need to find a middle way, but how to do it? – We will try to help you if you want to design the interior of a small apartment as much as possible correctly and comfortably.

This distribution can be accomplished by means of color and consistency of finishing materials, furniture and interior items such as curtains, carpets, screens and partitions. Some designers use more sophisticated techniques – are planned space using multi-level ceilings and floors.

Also do not forget about "hidden reserves" in your home towns. Now we're talking about all kinds of wall coverings, bay windows, niches, shelves, entrances, etc. If you're nobody else there. – We suggest you do, it is a suitable solution, given that the interior of the small apartment does not mean storing large amounts of unnecessary things.

Pay attention to multifunctional furniture – it can become your indispensable assistant in the course of a small apartment. Folding tables and chairs, wardrobes, sofas transformers, stands and ottomans with "caches" – all this saves a lot of space and lets you use it more efficiently.