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Provence style features

French Provence style is very southern and very family style. In the interior it means the presence of antiques reminds of "old good times". Characteristic of decor in the style of Provence is its orientation on a sunny day rural life in southern France.

Decor in style with Provence often Use the following color scheme: a lot of white, cream white, sand, discreet lavender, subdued indigo, terracotta, light gray. All colors are selected moderate, like sunbreaking colors. The most famous color combination of French style of Provence – it is white, indigo and lavender. An important feature of this cozy style – there is a complete lack of dark and flashy colors.

A feature of the choice of these accessories must choose simple interior but charming items. From which you can choose:

Continue the list is still quite long, as mentioned above, the French Provencal style décor consists of many parts, which are accumulated by each generation. The simplicity of the style is very misleading, creating an environment in southern France requires a rather serious preparation and not only knowledge but also good taste, rush and sharpness, it is not inherent, so the interior should create a calm, mellow, calm.

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