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Bedroom with Turquoise Accents - Transitional - Bedroom
Bedroom with Turquoise Accents

Decoration in turquoise colors has a special appeal. This celadon, first grass, fresh herbs, a light sea breeze.

Turquoise has got its name from color minerals, hydrated alumina and copper phosphate. This mineral – a precious ornamental gemstone, bearing the name of Persian "Firuza" or stone of happiness.

Turquoise can be of different shades and saturation, respectively, and turquoise can have a variety of varieties. Interiors with a turquoise color can easily be considered natural because this color in nature occurs quite often: it is the water of the ocean and the colors of the sky before sunset, exotic plants and leaves.

Depending on the colors of turquoise, it can change its color. Blue gives turquoise blue green – lush greenery. And this is its ability to be considered when using cyan paint in the interior.

Completed razbelennymi blue, beige, brown tones, they will create a calm mild atmosphere, full of warmth and comfort. Such combinations are good for bedrooms, children's rooms.

Light turquoise can be textile, and other decorative elements.

Furthermore, cyan, usually requires the presence of at least two different colors, such as bright walls and bright in detail. Because the active color is not necessary to use it in large quantities.

It is impossible to create an interior in turquoise tones, using a variety of shades. You should always add at least one or two colors in combination.

The advice: The turquoise color is complex, and is perfect for the effect of the aged surface. It is often used for the production of "aged" furniture, which gives a "bad" appearance. You can also "wipe out" the wall. Normally, a similar technique is used for interior decoration in Provencal style shabby-chic style.