invisible garden house mini greenhouse in harsh scandinavian country

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Invisible Garden House – an analogue mini-greenhouse.
Despite the fact that in the Nordic countries sun is not so generous in hot rays, as in the rest of Europe, those people still want around unusual exotic flowers and shrubs. Danish architect wrote a kind of analog mini-greenhouse in the form of domes, where you can plant some beds with plants and sit in the heat in a cup of tea in your hand. In cold weather, owners can come back and have some time to think about the summer.

Project designer Simon Hjermind Jensen.
Danish designer Simon Hjermind JensenJag designed the original design called Invisible Garden House, as a small greenhouse. Three transparent dome modules are connected to each other. Inside there are several discounts with plants and a small table with chairs.

Invisible Garden House. Coupons made of polycarbonate.
The largest dome reaches 3 meters height and the same diameter. The reason for this design is transparent polycarbonate, which protects the area from UV rays and has high strength.

Mini-greenhouse of the Danish designer.
Although the invisible garden house proprietary property a couple of hours drive from Copenhagen, the designer intends to place these mini gardens in the Danish capital, in order to in some way diversify the cityscape of the city. The idea of ​​using very popular in cupola-given time. The German company offers the Zendome Geodetic dome used as an alternative to the country house. We get a fairly reliable and lightweight designer made of galvanized steel, cloth, fabric and translucent glass. A modular element allows you to set even the most complex and uneven surfaces.

Invisible Garden House. natural ventilation.
Heat modules inner spaces occur naturally. The sun's rays penetrate through the transparent dome, and with the aid of ventilation support the desired temperature.