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Italian Interior Design: 20 Images of Italy's Most
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The Italian Decor gives your home a sense of warmth and comfort that combines a rustic style and classic. Large windows, bright color palette will leave no untouched.

A big influence on the style of the interior had France, here you will find elegance, is both bohemian and simplicity refinement and textures game.
The most important feature is a natural Italian stilya-stone he very well emphasizes negligence rustic style that harmonizes with nature that will create a self-reliant and relaxed environment, not least because the Italians are highly appreciated family tradition.

Openings the walls are made arches as decorative strips, different niches used as shelves in many homes can be found a mosaic of marble or stones with a distinctive structure. The walls are often decorated with plaster like combined brick or stone giving the so-called Italian flavor. If you are using wood, it is best to focus on the roof beams, shelves, window frames and decorative columns. Italian style characterized by warm colors, this golden yellow range of colors, terracotta, brown both bright and dark shades, you can also find blue and green colors that are associated with the ocean.

Very common forged products and frosted glass.
Italian style characterized by large racial accessories, plaster statues, pillars, preferably they are arranged in each corner of the room, that there were no cavities. Mirrors also play a role as the decor and fresh flowers.

Stopped furniture is decorated with pillows of different shapes and colors, but it is necessary to find a balance, choose by color or play on the contrast, choosing regular carpets that hang from the edge of the sofa or bed, and covered better with a colorful pattern. window decorate organzaThe curtains are decorated with mirrors and paintings, as well as the space between the windows.

The basic rule for color selection and colored active parts of the interior – the balance. The colder and lighter than the basic background, the darker and warmer color active. Cool shades of off-white, blue, olive oil and other basic colors are often combined with gold ores and terracotta.

The Italian style is better to use wall lights, if you want to use chandelier, it should give a very soft light, everything should be reduced to ensure visually creating a representation of the sun's rays penetrating through the windows.