July 2018 – Trends –


The summer bucket list is the funniest two-do list of them all to knock together. Here's a compote of what I'm doing during the holiday 2018.

House demonstration. If the purchase takes place this year or five, the correct items will be decided, but in summer we will scout summerhouses, have notified us of the views and loop reader inspection protocol. Österlen, Varberg or Onsala? Sea, field or lake. A spot on the ground to manage. I'm getting angry with the idea, no matter.

Badbingo. We almost always cycle to the same beach with the children, but this year we (on Nikla's initiative) have set up a bathing bingo. The goal is to test at least 10 new bathing places in our vicinity before the summer is over. The whole family is committed, everybody needs it for it to count. So hello fun! Highly recommended to other coasters.

Nostalgia baking. Mother's funeral was heavy, but it also reminded me of something strong. Context and cohesion. When the coffin was lowered and it felt like the heart would go, several of the mothers from the neighboring houses in my childhood neighborhood stopped at me and my sister's side. During the holiday nostalgibaka I'm through the summer holidays I remember. A mix of their and mother's best.

Räckhållslyx. The climate threat and the summer hood make me even more self-critical. What seventeen is our generation's consumption and ego-flying doing with the earth? And what is the type of lifestyle we influencers "inspires" to? I'm not better than anyone else and struggling to tighten me on several levels. Not least on estimating all the nice we already have, home in Sweden. In what is exotic to others. Räckhållslyx? The feeling of freshly washed bedding that has dried on a clothesline in clean air. The taste of a sun-warm strawberry or the smell of a summer rain against hot asphalt. I hope to get myself to see and enjoy the great in the little moments. Every day.

Time offline. No, I'm not the most influential influenza this summer. Many circumstances in my life have made me prioritize differently this year. And I'm allowed to do that, thanks to the coolest advertisers and partners. I hope you also treat me a couple of weeks' restful pace. Soon everything is normal again. Fixed better.