kitchen apron dreams 20 stylish and very cool examples

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Elegant kitchen aprons

What material to choose for kitchen design apron? What colors and styles to stay? We have reviewed the most popular and colorful options, and collected a lot of examples that will not leave anyone untouched.

Light kitchen apron

Laconic options for minimalist cuisine
Glass apron can visually magnify space and increase light. Therefore, such options are often complementary to LED backlighting. The most suitable glass apron is the interior, decorated in a modern style and hi-tech or minimalism.

Spectacular and concise version
Glass kitchen apron looks very impressive and elegant. It's easy to install, it does not need to spend a lot of time and in some way in a special way to prepare the surface. Caring for them is also not difficult, but the longevity does not worry, because the modern glass aprons are created from resistance to temperature and mechanical damage to the material.

Perfect solution for small kitchens

Kitchen apron multiplies candles

The beauty of natural materials
The kitchen in the rustic looks colorful and interesting as a kitchen apron decorated with natural stone. And the more structured the surface, the better. This year, natural materials in the decoration have become incredibly popular.

Kitchen apron made of natural stone
A good alternative to natural materials can be regarded as an artificial stone. It is much easier and cheaper, but visually almost impossible to distinguish from the original.

Budget and elegant
Perhaps the most inexpensive but time consuming option – Bare and Masonry. It looks very impressive, fit Scandinavian, modern, rustic style and a loft. However, housing in this embodiment, it is worth remembering that the process of blocking bricks is quite laborious and dusty. Doing this should be a professional, or you can damage bricks.

Masonry in the kitchen
If you want in the kitchen masonry, meninte want to clean up the mountains of dust, can be purchased in the form of tiles brick slabs. It's easy, and looks very likely. By the way, it is even more practical and durable, and it is not necessary every third year to process special solutions, like a brick.

Interesting kitchen apron

Unusual kitchen apron

Kitchen apron made of ceramic tiles

Colorful tiles in the kitchen

An elegant solution for the kitchen

Kitchen apron, which is the decor
We found 9 more fascinating ideas for the interior of a small kitchen. They are worth paying attention!