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Introducing Kitchen Trends u2013 a New Book by
In this story of renewed modernism, readers visit history revived in simple geometric and architectural forms and a humble color palette.

After many, though, we eventually chose a black kitchen to balance the crispy walls and the bright daylight flow in the Spinneriet room. A white simply did not work, because it needed some weight and balance. And since I rent (do not own) the premises, I would not dated the kitchen with a more trendy dye on behalf of the landlord. So timeless, Danish and black, it had to be a big stone slice on the kitchen island. To soften the hard contrast that arose because of the color selection we work a lot with still life on the kitchen benches. This is what it looks like right now. By mixing wood, cork, ceramics and leather details, the kitchen becomes more alive (and changing). A simple tip to think of at home, no matter what style!

Photo: Frida Ramstedt,