large paper flowers from corrugated paper

Large Giant Paper Flowers Big Pink Stock Photo
Large Giant Paper Flowers. Big pink, white, beige Rose, peony. Pastel

Handcraft paper flowers from the crepery piece easily with their hands. With this technique it is possible to create completely original bouquets of flowers. Decorate them to your home or garden, and raduyte his household.

First, before buying paperflower cardboard, choose a place convenient and sufficient for the job. Take a sheet of colored crepe paper and start to compress it and fold like a accordion. Try to get a fold of lines corresponding to the corrugations on paper. Each bock must not be larger than 5 cm in width.

Now we need to save. They attach the resulting folded strip for large flowers from crep paper.

Set the workspace in order, as you enter for ourselves, all colored strips. Take a scissors to cut the ends of the paper and the folded strips so that you get a "ladder". Each successive strip should be less than before about four centimeters. For example, if they originally were the first 50 centimeters, the other Bude 46 centimeters, one third – 42 cm, the fourth – 38 centimeters. And so on.

Now you can decorate the edges of our strips of paper flowers from creep paper. They can be made either smooth or sharp. Do this on both sides.

Finish folding ribbon walk with scissors, cut them to the middle (where the cut is not cut) from both sides. Do this for all folds.

Remove the gem with our tapes and we put them on the table in order. Starting from the longest strip and ending with the shortest. Now raznotsvete gets pushed back into accordion.

At the center of the wire thread.

The next step is to raise the start of the total bundle, each strip separately on both sides, leveling them. Do this consistently correct each color.

Eventually, it will emerge from the large flower anchor paper. Do not be afraid to apply the changes, if any pitch you are not happy with the length or width, to do this, use paper scissors.