large private country house with 2000 square meters 2

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Design timber house design designed a family of three. According to the author, his main purpose was to create such an interior, where all residents will be practical and comfortable, and used natural motifs and colors for decoration.

The total area of ​​†<†<360 square meters, it is completely built from Arkhangelsk wood with a diameter of 32 centimeters and is the outer and interior decor in the interior of a log house.

Focus in the design of a log house is made on the classics, with walled walls not hidden, but plays the first role in creating the general atmosphere of a country house.

The house standard, ground floor reserved for the living room, kitchen, living room, large dining room and, of course, fire.

The second floor was poured into owner's private premises, cozy room with a boudoir, nursery, bathroom. On the second floor of a log house construction have large skylights.

All rooms are spacious homes, they are gradual in each other, in space there is no space abruptly broken lines, all forms are rationalized and have a rounded shape. Although this is certainly not the intention of the interior of a log house, a sense of comfort and tranquility, it definitely gives.

To the house finally, its new look and harm look at the background of painted wood, the designer added a rather brilliant solution for roofing, wallpaper. Wallpapers are chosen from the collection of the British and picturesquely taste to the design of log houses.

On the second floor there is also access to a small semi-circular balcony.

Wood and iron – this is perhaps the most traditional combination that occurs in the design of log house in the draft, wrought iron inside the house and on the front, more than enough. Beautiful flower patterns positively complement wood style and complement it.

The children's room in the log home environment.