Latest styles in 20 inches bathhoom vanity

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Bathroom vanity is something considered as the focal point of any bathroom. These vanities add a touch of class to the bathroom if these are designed keeping in view the requirements of a bathroom. The sizes of bathroom vanities may vary according to the choice of the customer. There is a wide range of variety of sizes available in vanity tops.


From the size of this vanity top it becomes clear that this 20 inches vanity top is made for small space bathrooms. Though they are sleek in size but they possess all the features present in a large sized vanity tops. First of all let us discuss the materials available in these vanities.

  • Ceramic or porcelain
  • Marble
  • Strong wooden style
  • Glass vanity tops
  • Hard stone vanity tops
  • Ply wood vanities

All the materials involved in the making of vanity tops have their own specific features. Besides the designs in 20 inches bathroom vanities, there are different styles available also in this product. These are,

  • Single sink vanity
  • Glass bowl vanity top
  • Corner vanity
  • Single/ double mirrored vanity
  • Vanity with cabinets and drawers


As the name shows this vanity is made for small space bathroom. This vanity is installed on a specific corner of the bathroom, thus occupying very limited space in the bathroom. Installing this kind of vanity gives the bathroom a very practical look. The installation of these vanities might be wall mounted style or separate standing vanity with thin legs. Some of the designs in the 20 inches bathroom vanity have the following features.


If we are talking about the marble vanity top, then this style gives a valuable look to the bathroom. Refined polished look gives them more value. The marble vanity tops are available in different shades and these are as under,

  • Grey
  • Dove white shade
  • Black marble
  • Green the most expensive shade
  • Beige praline marble.

In the wooden 20 inches bathroom vanities, there is a long list of styles and designs. All these wooden vanities are made with white colored sink mostly. The small sized mirror is attached to this wooden vanity to match the size. The superior polished finishing relates the bathroom vanity to the natural look. The cabinets of this vanity looks attractive with dull or dark brown polish.

There is a long list of designs and styles in 20 inches bathroom vanities to talk about and customers are facilitated with many superior and cost effective styles.