life a small apartment 7 ways make your home better


Living in a small apartment: 7 ways to make your home better

How is it – live in a small apartment: careful, not cozy and with a minimum of comfort, or vice versa? Are there any design tricks that can make the owners happy malogabaritok? We found several effective methods!

Dining room for a small kitchen
When the kitchen is small, then place the dining room and do not talk. But there are tricks for small spaces. For example, instead of the table styling set the bar, and hide under the chairs or stools.

The correct kitchen
Kitchen malogabaritki usually does not take more 4-6 square meters. Sometimes it is so small that it is difficult to place the necessary devices. In this case, you must consider the layout and location of the room all objects. The most ergonomic version – the placement of kitchen fittings and appliances along the walls.

Multifunctional Storage System
The question is more likely in small housing storage of things. We have to place a lot of things and objects, and the total cabinet just messy the space. In this case, it is better to make a custom multi-function storage system. It can be deep and spacious but consists of several cells, boxes, compartments.

Pallet for space saving
The small room stool looks perfect. They can be used to accommodate a bedroom area or office. This part of the decor is excellent planned location and can handle storage system features.

Bed in a cube
When there is no ability or want to raise bed under the roof, and the bed is necessary to conceal something to help other technology come. It will need to build a cube, which will act as a mini bedroom. The walls of this "design" are desirable to be made of glass or mirror material to make the interior more air.

Storage under the bed
Living in a small apartment can be exciting and comfortable about the right attitude towards the organization of space. The owner malogabaritok is just looking at 20 simple ideas effective storage to restore the scheme in the house.