light there light 18 original shades of lampshades and lamps that you can do with your hands

CO-Z Modern Table Lamp with White Fabric Shade,
CO Z Modern Table Lamp with White Fabric Shade, Rose Gold Desk Lamp with

The original inventory, which can be done with your own hands.
Chandeliers and lighting can rightly be called one of the most important parts of the interior. Correctly selected light can emphasize the style of the decor and make it original. And it's not necessary to go to the store, where price tags, to say the bet. Originallampan is fully possible to make your own hands.

With permission of corrugated cardboard.
Bright corrugated board – perfect material for a beautiful and budget decorating ceiling.

Ceiling lamp with butterflies.
Charming cardboard cover with butterflies.

Polarity of bird cage.
Unnecessary bird cages can be turned into a delicious chandelier lid.

Lampshade in retro style.

Creative 60-degree lampshade, which can be made by hand from wire.

Chandelier from the camera.
Unique chandelier made of old cameras.

The magnificent chandelier, which can be made of small glass cans.

With permission of jellyfish.
Excellent dress, like a manet.

Lampshade made of paper.

Polarity of the pipes.
Colorful shadow of several test tubes filled with colored liquids.

Ceilings from wine bottles.
The original ceiling for chandeliers of unwanted wine bottles.

Roof decorated with designer paper.
Fabulous shadow, which is very easy to do from circles design paper.

Shades of paper flowers.
Fantastic shades, decorated with flowers made of paper.

Designer lamp.
Fantastic lighting of MDFs from Andrea Moreno.

The light of the small mirrors.
Fantastic light of light and small mirrors.

The lamp made of concrete.
Elegant lamp made of concrete.

Lamp pumpkin.
Large light pumpkin decorated with carved patterns.

It's going to be interesting to watch awesome lights that perform multiple functions.