lighting in the house important nuances

Outdoor Lighting Ideas u2013 Lighting is important part of a house. It creates illumination for the room in house. More than that, with right adjustment,

Lighting at home: the little things, which usually do not pay attention

Lighting is undoubtedly an inalienable and important part of every interior and decoration. It is not meaningful to carefully design a luxurious design if it is not enough to approach the lighting system in a responsible manner. With the help of light you can create an atmosphere in the room. We offer several tips that cover the most important stages of the work on housing coverage.

Lighting dining room

The interior of the dining room Peterssen / Keller Architecture

Many people like the appearance of an unusual form of chandelier or lamp above the dining table. But there is a problem choosing what is really needed of all the diversity presented on the market. Inside the dining room it is better to choose a chandelier or a group of lamps to proportionally match the size of the dining table. The ratio of 1/3 of the size of the table can be considered as optimal. Mount the lamp or chandelier at a height of 75-95 cm above the table. Also, do not forget multi level lighting to suppress the light to create a certain atmosphere.

Lighting in wall cabinet

Lighting in wall cabinet

With a simple device, you can easily hide the wires and set the backlight on the bottom of the wall cabinet.

Lighting in wall cabinet

You can also talk to the master in advance, so that the finished niche for installing LED lights embedded.

track lighting

Interior of Capoferro Design Build Group

Track lighting is ideal illumination of different spaces, giving the smallest number of threads. Today there are a variety of track lighting, particular attention should be devoted to integrated roof models. It is functional and looks elegant.

The lighting in the bottom of the kitchen shutters

The interior of LMK INREDNING

It is not necessary to think that the lighting is in the kitchen cabinet – this is an excess that only has an aesthetic solution. In the evening, such a highlight does not only look amazing, but also functions as a soft lighting feature.


Interior of jute interior design

Install lamp lights in the bathroom on the sides of the mirror soft functional, as in this case, a high quality facial lighting during hygiene routines. Set your best at face height, but if the space is not enough, you can and on top of the mirror, it will also be good.

Decoration of light

The interior of Bushman Dreyfus Architects

By installing specific luminaires and sconces on the wall, you can not only get the necessary atmosphere, but also a fantastic effect.

recessed luminaires

Interior of DKOR Interiors Inc. In addition to Interior Designers Miami, FL

Built-in lamps can be used almost all the house like ceiling lights, walls, floors and other surfaces in the living room, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Several such luminaires can be mounted in the bedroom and in the dining room.

bedside lamp

bedside lamp

Choosing lighting for the bedroom, especially the shack area, you need to think about how to use it. That is, is this lighting going to perform a decorative function or is it more functional? On the other hand, it is worth thinking that using such a lamp it should be easy to read, lie in bed.

lamp custom

Interior affects Spaces

If you can not find in the shops needlamp or chandelier for your home, you can turn to designers and craftsmen for individual orders. In this case, the chandelier or lamp will be unique, individual artwork. It will also be a great opportunity to find exactly what you need.

lighting of stairs

lighting of stairs

This is one of the most interesting techniques the stair lighting creates an interesting effect, is cheap and very functional.