Little not so close a new approach to design and arrangement home office

The office of a Brooklyn home by Nick Olsen features Zoffany wallpaper and a Vaughan lamp

Very often "study" the word in our minds There is a large room with a massive oak table and a map. But today, many people prefer to work at home and equip their office only two square meters. And believe me working in a home office is not worse than in the big office!

Home Office not only needs them as a workplace: kids who do their homework, adults who read the news on the Internet – everyone needs a place where you can concentrate on the work. And it is possible even in a small apartment.

Activities that you may need home offices – are all the work you do on a desktop or on a computer: whether it will write articles or website marketing, it does not matter – it's important that you feel comfortable. So start developing your home office model with what you do.

To organize small and compactHome Office and herring approaches: expanding the threshold can be arranged on a full table, and in a niche below it – a document and paper storage system.

If the rest of your furnishings can be easily beautiful, the office has to be functional. Most importantly, you can work efficiently, so think about the most important functional aspects:

that you are sitting in front of the computer;

storage space for documents should be easy to use;

light, thus suitable for work at any time.

Very practical for small home office shelves and open shelves: they find a place like functional things, objects and furnishings. Thus, you will be able to find a balance between a beautiful and user-friendly interior design design.

If you like fresh flowers, make sure to put on the desk pot with a flowering plant or a bouquet of cut flowers: such details are intended to remind us that life – it's not just a job, and the work itself can be fun!