living a studio apartment how to arrange bedroom in living room

Make a Seating Area

Before the owners of a bedroom is always It awakes a very difficult task: how to organize a comfortable bed in the living room. Some people find it acceptable to use a variant of a sofa for guests as a bed to sleep. We want to offer you some more interesting and practical options, such as beautiful and ergonomically accommodating an entire bed in the living room.

Separating the bedroom from receptionists at least visually, it is possible to put on the foot of the sofa bed. This is a very convenient and simple solution that does not require additional costs. However, the effect of the extra privacy of the bedroom is not on this, but the whole idea can be useful.

Screen – a large decorative element, which can also be used for good use. Just to express it so that the bed was hidden behind it from curious eyes. Depending on the shape of the screen, such a decision may be relevant in such an interior style is classical, boho, eastern, country, modern and eclectic.

If you do not want to share the living room deaf walls, yet strive for maximum privacy during your vacation, we recommend that you consider an option with a glass wall. Then the room will be visually so big, but sleeping in the living room you no longer need.

At our latitudes, this technique is not very popular, but European designers have long appreciated the ergonomics solution. Folding bed is perfect for even the most compact "odnushki".

Another option to save space bedroom, living room – install a retractable bed that is easily hidden in the podium, which at this time can serve as a meal area or home office.

This is another version of a pure visual zone format. But in this case, can be more significant and "bonus" for the storage system. For example, in the picture you can see how practical the idea is to dress in the pallet. If desired, it is possible to organize a mini library or storage for beds.

If the one-room apartment is not catastrophic with space and the bed seemed to get absolutely nowhere – hang from the ceiling! Try to think broader and to involve all levels of space so that every centimeter of free space works for you.