living berkeley beauty and elegance modernity and history

The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and
The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments

Living in Berkeley: the beauty and elegance of modernity and history
Expensive wood of dark tones, massive furniture, multi-level lighting and artifacts give a California living room cozy elegance. After 13 years living in a house built by a famous architect in the last century, the owner decided to reconstruct an unusual living room to start a new milestone in his life.
Interior designer, Keith Farley, updating architectural details in the room by focusing on the decor. Her goal was to make the living room a warm and functional fun here with family members able to meet with friends. Summary: The house is home to: the author and film, her two teenage children and two catsPlats: Berkeley, CaliforniaMat: 46.8 m2Designer: Kathy Farley (ArtDecor) The customer would be a living place, where it would be nice to meet you, have fun and talk with companies of 8-10 people. Farley aims to integrate modernity and history so that the interior, architectural details and interior design were organic. I parquet flooring in the living room it is additionally painted walls with structured plaster, with unique architectural details retained, including wooden roofs made of walnut with wide beams, vaulted windows with gaps and decorative fireplace.

Living in Berkeley by Kathy Farley

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Farley found a handmade wool mattosa and stopped him on his choice, as it is a favorite color for the client. A yellowish mat animates the interior, along with other rugs – they like outdoor painting. The room is furnished with a large sofa single form. For clothing designs, prefer a neutral palette, including gray, bronze, copper and color stainless steel. All the decorations are perfectly combined properly upright the extent of all elements. The coffee table marker perfectly fits newspapers or snacks. Fireside offers is a group of four comfortable seats.

Also music system, another important element is a customized bookcase. Behind the glass is a client library books, certificate of family history. In addition, the living room is decorated with Mexican artifacts. When the room was furnished, Farley refurbished the interior artwork and accessories. It is used primarily in the existing collection of client objects. In addition, the designer is taken in conjunction with work and the customer's children also decorated the walls between the windows. On the wall behind the couch is the only new modern painting, painted by Michael Shemchuk. It's about a modern lifestyle and becoming a bridge between the past and the present. Due to artwork, the room looks rich.

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